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Subject Registration Details


YIJC offers a wide range of subjects in different subject combinations to allow students to pursue their areas of interest and ensure that they have varied options for university courses. 


Choices should be based on a good understanding of one’s passion and aptitude to meet their educational or career aspirations. 
Students are encouraged to choose three H2 subjects and one H1 content subject based on the following considerations: 
• Student’s interests, strengths, passions 
• Student’s foundation for the relevant subjects. Students should consider
    1. If their O Level subject combination meets JC’s subject eligibility criteria  and Indicative Grade Profile
    2. If the intended A Level subject combination meets the University pre-requisites and specific courses’ pre-requisites
    3. If they can attain the A Level results required to enter the university course of choice

Students posted to the science or arts stream can take the subject combinations offered in YIJC
IF their O Levels subject grades meet the subject and subject combination eligibility criteria.  If the subject or subject combination is oversubscribed, students will be selected based on academic merit.

Selection tests for H2 Art, H2 Further Mathematics and H2 Computing will be conducted on 1 February 2021.


Students will be guided in the selection process on Day 1 (29 Jan) of the Orientation and encouraged to have a preliminary subject combination choice on that day. They can seek guidance from subject consultants on Day 1 should they have any queries.

For more info, students should log into subject information site designed to help JC1 students make informed choices regarding their A level subject combinations. The information site provides information on subject registration, subject information and subject e-Lectures.

The subject registration guide and log in details will be provided to students on their first day of school. Teachers will contact students if he/she is currently on Quarantine Order (QO), Stay Home Notice (SHN), Leave of Absence (LOA) or Approved Absence (AA). Please call (6257 9873) or email the college (yijc@moe.edu.sg) to update us regarding your absence.


Students are to submit the eligible subject combination choices by 1 Feb 0830 hr.
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