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Precautionary Measures against COVID-19

Updated as of 21 Feb 2020

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Staff and students who have returned from Mainland China should not come to school on the day of arrival and should inform the school immediately. They will be placed on a leave of absence (LOA) for a period of 14 days, starting from the first day after their arrival in Singapore. For example, if a staff or student returns to Singapore on 22 Jan 2020, the LOA will end on 5 Feb.

Temperature screening and measuring

Health checks and temperature screening for staff and students who are unwell or have flu-like symptoms will continue. The frequency of temperature taking for staff and students will be increased
Staff and students with flu-like symptoms and/or temperature at or above the trigger temperature of 38.0 degree Celsius are sent home to visit the doctor. These staff and students will be informed to report to school after the end of the medical leave AND when they have fully recovered. Those who are still unwell after the end of the medical leave will be advised to consult a doctor and inform the College immediately.

Social distancing measures

There is no flag-raising ceremony in the morning. Students proceed directly to classrooms for morning assembly.
Excursions, fieldtrips and mass celebrations will be suspended.
CCAs and after-school programme may continue, in smaller groups.
The JC1 Orientation Programme has been modified so that group size is reduced for orientation activities.
The teaching and learning programme has been modified so that there will be no level-wide assemblies.
Recess times are staggered to reduce the congregation of students in large numbers.

Visitor management

Measures for visitor management have been stepped up before permitting visitors to enter the school premises. Visitors are
o required to declare their travel history to ensure that they have not travelled to Mainland China in the past 14 days.
o screened for flu-like symptoms and have their temperature checked.