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Graduation Day 2019

Yishun Innova Junior College (YIJC) celebrated its inaugural Graduation Day for its first batch of YIJC graduates on 8th October 2019. As part of the momentous event, a range of activities that centred around the theme, #ThrowbackSchooldays, were organised to celebrate the memories that YIJC graduates had created in the college and their growth into resilient, compassionate and knowledgeable individuals who are ready to face the commencement of a new chapter in life. The after-ceremony carnival that included kacang puteh and ice cream stalls, as well as photo booths set up around the school, added to the fun and casual atmosphere of the event. 

The Principal, Mr Michael de Silva, kicked off the celebration with a motivational speech, encouraging students to be courageous and inquisitive in life. A throwback video showcased the significant events that the JC2s took part in throughout the two years in college, allowing them to reminisce about the times they had shared with their peers. The highlight of the ceremony was, without a doubt, the videos thoughtfully prepared by teachers from each department, which brought much laughter (and some tears) to the audience. As appreciation for the teachers’ constant support and their classmates for the memories, each class created slides with messages to their teachers and classmates. These were shown when Class Leaders Committee members were awarded Certificates of Appreciation by their Civics Tutors for their support and care for the class. 
Elsen Ong Wei Keong, President of the 1st YIJC Students’ Council, addressed the college for the last time, reminding the JC2s about the wonderful experiences shared as the first batch of YIJC students and congratulating them for coming thus far in their education journey.  The Students’ Council then led everyone in the YI Cheer and in posing for a final photo. The photo captured the ecstasy of the YIJC graduates and the maroon, blue and white streamers that formed the letters “YI”, marking a beautiful closure to the ceremony.