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Arts and Culture @ YIJC


To celebrate our merged 'One' identity, the college organised a slew of Arts events, bringing together two events unique to each school, namely Arts Fusion and the yearly concert performed by Musicians' Club. Both events were held on the 4th of May 2019. 

Arts Fusion has been a key feature of YJC's Art scene for the longest time, swapping between music/dance and drama performances for each year's repertoire. Arts Fusion: Drama Night 2019 was a collaboration between YI Drama Club and Chinese Cultural Society. The theme for the production was 'She Said', with the three plays performed exploring female narratives, tackling issues such as consent, peer pressure, loss and love. LT4 was converted into a black box for the production, to handle the numbers for the matinee and the evening show. The event had strong attendance from drama alumni, as well as two YI Drama Club members, Chen Yiwen and Maria Luisa Cavazos Tinajero returning to direct one of the plays. 

Musicians' Club's annual concert was anchored with the simple theme of LISTEN, offering a platform for student musicians to share their love of music. Driven by the desire to put up a very professional show, no expenses were spared in the stage setup. More importantly, the intensive rehearsal sessions culminated in an evening of songs across genres like metal and pop. Alumni support was also strong for LISTEN, with an opening act by alumnus and budding rapper Abhishek Khanapurkar, IJC class of 2016.

Students had a ball of a time, with some attending both events, enjoying the rush of drama and the wonderful music. It was a night to remember for many and could not have been accomplished without support from our school leaders, as well the efforts of the teachers, staff and students involved. We invite you to come back and make new memories with us again next year, with a whole new show brimming, as always, with passion and love for the Arts.