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2019 Hip & Happening@House

‘Hip & Happening@House’ is an annual post-exam activity for the JC 1 students. The event hopes to encourage diverse interests in physical activities and to foster life-long bonds between students within houses. The house-based activity, where all classes in the same house took part in a bowling session, took place on 9th October 2019. 

The session this year was held at Yishun Safra, Orchid Country Club, Keat Hong Community Club, Toa Payoh Safra and Tampines Safra. These 3-hour sessions were broken up into 2 parts. For the first part, the coaches at the respective venues emphasised on the safety considerations like the slippery lanes, proper retrieving of the ball, considerations when choosing the ball, and the importance of wearing of proper shoes. Each student had to go through basic bowling drills to develop their overall understanding of the game. This was when the excitement kicked in as the students laughed and teased each other whenever the ball went into the gutters. 

The second part involved each participant waging a mini competition against other participants in the same lane. With the added stress level, some participants exceled while others succumbed to the pressure by throwing the balls into the gutters constantly. Despite being competitors, students were encouraging and cheering their friends on. There were also some who provided small tips or pointers to help their friends bowl better. The students were encouraged to strive for excellence when tidbits were given out for each successful spare and strike. These winners actually shared their winnings with their friends around them. The Olympic values of friendship, excellence, and respect that were taught during PE lessons and the college event King of the Streets was demonstrated wholeheartedly by the students during this event. It was indeed a remarkable sight to behold.