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YIJC Prospectus 2021

Click on the icon on the left to view our 2021 Prospectus. It contains detailed information about our academic curriculum, possible subject combinations and subject eligibility requirements. You can also find out more information about our key programmes and initiatives.

In the next section, ‘Subject Introduction Videos’, our teachers provide a broad overview of the various subjects on offer at YIJC. Watch those videos if you want a quick glimpse into the academic possibilities here at YIJC. If you need more information or wish to see the SEAB syllabus document for a specific subject, simply refer to the Prospectus!

In the final section, ‘Subject Combination & Eligibility’, we provide you with key information about the subjects on offer at YIJC, the possible subject combinations and the various eligibility requirements.  

If you have other questions on YIJC’s academic curriculum and programmes, remember to tune in to our Subject Enquiry Livestreams taking place the day after the ‘O’ level results release! The livestream links will be available on our e-Open House main page under ‘College Overview Talks & Subject Enquiry Livestreams’.