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Subject Eligibility Criteria


#Subject pre-requisites are centrally set requirements that students must fulfil in order to offer the subject at the A-Level.


Assumed Knowledge refers to the set of content knowledge that students are expected to have learnt in advance, as part of a corresponding subject at O-Level, which teachers will build upon as part of the A-Level syllabus. 

^ Refer to the SEAB H2 Mathematics (9758) Syllabus document for the assumed knowledge for O-Level Additional Mathematics. https://www.seab.gov.sg/

* Refer to the SEAB O-Level Science Syllabus document for assumed knowledge for O-Level Pure Sciences.  https://www.seab.gov.sg/


If a subject or subject combination is oversubscribed, students will be selected based on academic merit. Thus, the College may not be able to offer a subject to all the students who opted for it. Based on trend data, the College has compiled some indicative cut-off points in the form of an Indicative Grade Profile to assist students in making an informed choice for subjects with subject pre-requisites or assumed knowledge. 

Indicative grade profiles refers to the grades of students for their relevant GCE O-Level subjects. They may vary over time, depending on the number and grade performance of students, and the number of places available for the subject. Meeting the indicative grade profile does not guarantee that the student would be able to offer that subject. 


Students who took O-Level Combined Science are encouraged to opt for ONE of the Combined Science subjects to offer at H2 level. This will help students cope better with the increased rigour of the A-Level H2 Science subjects. The student can consider taking the other Combined Science subject at H1 level. For example, if a student has taken Science (Physics/Chemistry) at O-Level, he/she can choose to offer EITHER H2 Physics OR H2 Chemistry, with the option to offer the other Combined Science subject at H1 level.


Your future career may require you to undertake certain degrees and/or courses at the undergraduate level. In turn, these undergraduate courses in the universities may or may not have course-specific subject pre-requisites. As such, you are advised to check the minimum requirements and indicative grade profiles from the university websites before making a decision on the subject combination to offer.