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Subject Combination Eligibility Criteria


Students who wish to opt for 4H2 subjects MUST have attained L1R5 (excludes bonus points) of 12 points or less.
This L1R5 aggregate score MUST include strong O-Level grades in the relevant subjects offered.
SCEC Table.png
Students who are eligible and keen to take a 4H2 subject combination must still indicate a 3H2 subject combination as one of their choices during subject registration. 

Students may continue with four H2 subjects in JC2 if they obtain ‘C’ grade or better in all their H2 subjects in the JC1 Promotional Examination.


Designed for outstanding students who have excelled academically, H3 subjects are offered to students after the JC1 Promotional Examinations. For students who would like to opt for a H3 subject, they MUST have offered it as a H2 subject. 

Students must also demonstrate ability and passion for a particular subject and prove that they are able to manage the workload beyond the usual combination of subjects. Students will be recommended to take up H3 subjects based on their outstanding performance in all JC1 tests and examinations. In addition, recommendations by subject tutors on students’ passion and flair for the subject at the H2 level will be taken into consideration.