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Subject Combination & Eligibility


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Our students undertake the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level Curriculum, typically offering three H2 content-based subjects and one H1 content-based subject

The three compulsory H1 subjects for students are H1 General Paper, H1 Project Work and H1 Mother Tongue.  All students must offer H1 General Paper. In their first, year, students must offer H1 Project Work


Students must offer Mother Tongue (H1) unless they have obtained a minimum grade of D7 for Higher Mother Tongue at GCE O-Level.

Students may opt for a 
non-Tamil Indian language (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu) for H1 Mother Tongue if taken at O-Level 
foreign language (e.g. H1 German, H1 French, H1 Japanese) in-lieu of H1 Mother Tongue if taken at O- Level (subjected to approval).
MT Syllabus ‘B’ if taken at O-Level or with Mother Tongue grades D7, E8 or F9 in their GCE O-Level Examination (subjected to approval).


Students must offer a Contrasting Subject as one of the four content-based subjects. A subject cannot be offered at both H1 and H2 levels. Students must offer at least one subject from Group (A) Mathematics and Science subjects, and at least one subject from Group (B) Humanities and Arts subjects. (See the list of subjects offered.)