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Student Leadership

Here at YIJC, the Student Leadership Programme enhances leadership learning and further develops leadership competencies for all our students. The programme prepares every YIJC-ian to be responsible students of the College and responsible future citizens of our society.

Adopting a structured leadership developmental approach of Assignments-Relationships-Courses (A-R-C), the programme aims to develop student leaders in the domains of Intellectual Capacity, Teamwork and Drive .

Courses on leadership theories and philosophies provide deep understanding of leaders and leadership. Leadership Assignments offer hands-on opportunities to develop leadership competencies through programmes and activities. Students are also developed holistically through mentoring and guidance from their teachers. Along with cultivating a habit of deep reflection about their assignments, the student leadership experience here at YIJC creates positive Relationships that allow for more effective leadership development. 

2021 Students’ Council Camp: Building competencies through collaboration and camaraderie

Key Student Leadership Platforms

Student leaders are provided first-hand experience at planning, implementing, evaluating, and reviewing key College events. Student leaders from the Students’ Council, Class Leaders Council, and different CCA groups collaborate to organise student-led College events and strive to generate a strong and positive College spirit within the YIJC community. 

Helming the 2021 Student Leaders’ Investiture

Orientation Group Leaders planning the 2021 Orientation and welcoming the JC1s

Hosting the livestream for the 2021 Teachers’ Day Celebrations

Students are also given opportunities to take the lead in Academic and Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Councils to support the joy of learning. In these positions, they spearhead student-led learning experiences for their peers. 

Students are also given the autonomy to form Interest Groups with like-minded peers who share a common passion to contribute to positive school experiences.

Student Leadership Enrichment Programme

Selected student leaders will embark on a signature Student Leadership Enrichment Programme which is conducted either overseas or locally to provide a platform for students to enhance their awareness of the global landscape and hone their leadership and cross-cultural skills. This programme allows students to better appreciate the interconnectedness between the leadership domains of Intellectual Capacity, Teamwork, and Drive within an organisational context, and to apply their learning through a leadership assignment.

2019 Student Leadership Enrichment Programme