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Malay Language Elective Programme

Have a passion for Malay language and literature? YIJC is one of the 5 selected Colleges offering the Malay Language Elective Programme (MLEP)! 

Our MLEP enables you to attain a higher level of proficiency of the Malay language and a deeper understanding of Malay literature and culture. You will take part in many enrichment activities including seminars, workshops, camps, and immersion trips (local/overseas).  Our MLEP also offers insights into career prospects and shows you that what you learn is applicable to different industries. You will be developed to serve as a cultural leader within the Malay community, and motivated to promote the Malay language and culture via service to the community. You will also be eligible to apply for the Language Elective Scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Students who are enrolled in the MLEP at YIJC can look forward to the following activities:

  • Cross-Cultural Exchange Programme with overseas scholars and students  
  • Malay Heritage Centre Students’ Guide Programme
  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • MLEP Alive! Programme
  • Cultural Challenge 
  • Interaction with successful MLEP Alumni at dialogue sessions
  • Interaction with local writers at dialogue sessions
The above activities are organised by the YIJC Malay unit. MLEP participants will have the opportunity to hone their leadership and organisational skills as they plan, prepare, execute, and facilitate the above activities for their peers. The creative writing workshops and dialogue sessions with renowned local writers also give these participants a chance to develop greater insights into literary writing. 

As Malay language and culture ambassadors, our MLEP students also play an integral role in promoting cross-cultural awareness amongst their peers. Read on to find out more about one of our recent highlights!

MLEP Alive! Jom Iftar

Annually, the MLEP students will organise MLEP Alive! Jom Iftar during the month of Ramadan to provide an opportunity for the non-Malay/Muslim students to experience breaking fast together with the Malay students.  As part of the programme, the MLEP students will also expose their non-Malay peers to other elements of the Malay culture such as writing in Jawi and also making Hari Raya goodies.  

Besides the above programmes, MLEP participants will also have the opportunity to take part in various activities organised by MOE such as the Annual Literary Camp, Annual Overseas Immersion Programme (Virtual in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19), Annual Translation Workshop, and dialogue sessions with key figures in the Malay community.