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Digital Literacies

With digital technologies permeating every aspect of our lives, a future-ready student would need to be digitally literate, and would also need to possess an understanding of the impact of technology on human societies and the challenges and opportunities that abound as a result. As the Centre of Excellence for Digital Literacies, YIJC boasts a forward-looking Digital Literacies programme that prepares YIJC-ians for this digital future through a focus on human-digital interactions (Digital Anthropology) in three distinct domains – Digital Innovation, Citizenship, and Productivity.

  • Digital Innovation: Programmes that cultivate computational thinking and entrepreneurial skills in students. We hope to equip students with an understanding of the importance of user experience in design and innovation. 
  • Digital Citizenship: Programmes that equip students with knowledge about core cyber wellness issues. We also inculcate positive values in cyber citizenship so that they can have a better understanding of how technology has changed human interactions online.
  • Digital Productivity: Programmes that equip students with foundational skills in cloud tools and digital media software. We hope that students can gain an awareness of the human implications behind the usage of digital tools.
We conduct in-house workshops, events, and learning journeys that promote Digital Literacies for our students. We also collaborate with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and Media Literacy Council (MLC) to organise external webinars and competitions for other schools.

Our workshops, learning journeys, and projects:

Our events and showcases:
Students who wish to delve deeper into digital literacies and the related technological competencies can also choose to join the Makers’ Academy, a specialised CCA that hones their media, computational, and innovation skills. Students from the Makers’ Academy experience digital making, app development as well as photography and filmmaking. They work with cutting-edge technology and equipment in our various specialised venues such as the Co-Lab.

Our specialised venues and equipment:

Ultimately, we aim to equip every YIJC-ian with both the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills. Our students should be able to utilise technology for digital innovation and contribution toward positive digital citizenship. They should also be effective users of digital productivity tools. Beyond that, we hope that they develop ‘soft’ skills that allow them a deeper understanding of the impact technology has on human existence.