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English Literature

The study of Literature is viewed as a process of critically examining texts. The syllabus takes into account the development of literacy and communication skills, information skills, thinking skills and creativity, and knowledge application skills in students. Through the study of A-Level Literature in English, students will be aware of the stylistic features of texts, contexts that led to the production of these texts, as well as how these texts are relevant to their own experiences. It requires students to engage with texts at the cognitive and affective levels. 

The subject aims to develop in students: 

  • an appreciation of, and informed personal response to, Literature in English; 
  • a love of reading through exposure to a wide range of texts, 
  • the ability to read texts independently; 
  • an understanding of the historical and cultural contexts for literary production; 
  • an understanding of the nature and methods of literary study; 
  • the skills of critical literary analysis; 
  • the ability to communicate ideas effectively and persuasively. 

For 2019/2020, YIJC will read the following papers and texts:


Exam Texts


8832/01 (H1)



The Great Gatsby by F. S. Fitzgerald


9509/01 (H2)

Paper 1: Reading Literature

Playing for Time by Arthur Miller


9509/02 (H2)

Paper 2: The English Renaissance (1509 – 1660)



The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

Andrew Marvell: Selected Poems

For more information on the syllabus and scheme of assessment, you may refer to the following links: