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Academic Subjects


Here at YIJC, we offer you a diverse range of academic options to deepen your learning with our wide array of subjects and programmes. On top of the usual academic subjects, we offer subjects like Art, China Studies in English, China Studies in Chinese, Computing, Tamil Language and Literature. We also offer the Malay Language Elective Programme for students who are interested in Malay Language and Literature. Seize the chance to pursue subjects you are really passionate about and deepen your learning in our varied H3 programmes. 

Our dynamic teachers are constantly exploring new and effective pedagogies and will engage you in varied and exciting learning opportunities: from flipped classrooms to team-based learning, you will be encouraged to be more critical and independent learners, ready for the next step in your learning journey. You will also find supportive teachers and a community of like-minded learners to support you in your learning. With varied programmes and pedagogies, you will find the opportunities and resources to never stop learning here at YIJC!

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