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Direct School Admission

Graduating students from Singapore secondary schools can apply to enrol into the Yishun Innova Junior College (YIJC) based on their achievements and talents through DSA. Students admitted to YIJC via DSA are expected to honour their commitment in the relevant talent areas. 

The talent areas and criteria for YIJC in 2019 DSA Exercise for 2020 JC1 admission are: 


For Air Weapons, Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country/Track & Field, Floorball, Football, Netball, Squash, Table-tennis, Tennis, Tenpin Bowling, Volleyball and Wushu, candidates should satisfy one or more of the following:
Selected in National / Youth/ Singapore Schools OR
Achievement in the Zonal Inter-school ‘B’ Division Team Championships OR
Achievement in the National school ‘B’ Division Team Championships OR
Outstanding individual performance in sports.

Successful applicants will honour the commitment in the relevant CCA.


For Choir/Chorale, Chinese Drama, Chinese Orchestra, English Drama, English Debate, Guitar Ensemble, Dance (including Indian and Malay Dance), Modern Dance, Symphonic Band, candidates should satisfy the following:
At least Certificate of Accomplishment in Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging OR
Participation in prestigious competitions or festivals OR
Outstanding individual talent in the performing arts.

Successful applicants will honour the commitment in the relevant CCA.


YIJC is committed to developing digital literacies and life skills for creative expression and innovation in the 21st century workplace. The Makers’ Academy CCA under the Digital Literacies Programme is a niche CCA that empowers students with more specialised new media, coding and innovation skills that are increasingly valued in various tech and non-tech professional fields. Students will receive training in one of three areas and build a strong portfolio for university admission. There are also opportunities for like-minded students to initiate projects that involve a range of media and innovation skills.

We welcome students who have passion and experience in working with new media and digital technologies to apply via DSA through the Makers’ Academy CCA. While the CCA is especially relevant to those considering higher education fields in art, design, media and communications, computing and technopreneurship, it also develops thinking, project management and leadership skills that are relevant to other fields in the future workplace. 

All applications should be accompanied by a portfolio consisting of as many of the following:
An essay not more than 300 words explaining your passion in any of the 3 areas of the CCA (see above for the areas)
Personal portfolio comprising photographs, films, storyboards and scripts, presentations, clips or prototypes of robotic, Arduino (or any microcontroller), programming, coding, app projects you have made 
Awards / certificates from relevant competitions and events 
Related courses that you have completed 
Reference letters from teachers 

Successful applicants will honour the commitment in the Makers Academy CCA. Whether you have an artistic streak or are inclined towards technology and engineering, you can find a rewarding experience developing yourself in one of the following areas:
1. Digital Photography and Filmmaking (photo editing, video editing, directing, storyboarding etc.)
2. Mobile App Design (programming/coding, app making, game making etc.)
3. Microcontrollers - Arduino (programming/coding, robotics, micro-controller kits and circuit boards etc.)


In YIJC, we are committed to developing future-ready leaders and lifelong learners by providing leadership assignments, courses and mentoring as part of the holistic leadership development of our students. Experienced student leaders who aspire to be a better leader and hope to deepen their leadership competencies and knowledge are invited to apply.

Applicants should preferably have the experience in the Executive Committee of their secondary school Students’ Council, Uniformed Groups (such as NCC land, NPCC, Scout Group etc.) or held the role of President or Vice-President of a club, society or physical sport. 

All applications should be accompanied by a portfolio consisting of as many of the following:
An essay not more than 300 words to share your reflection of your leadership journey and how it has empowered you to be a better leader to lead others.    
Awards / certificates based on past leadership experience 
Related leadership courses that you have attended 
Reference letters from teachers 

Successful applicants will serve as a student leader in YIJC and be considered for the YIJC-College Advisory Committee Scholarship - Leadership. 


The Science Research Programme further supports students’ holistic development through a breadth of enrichment activities and depth of scientific research. Students who join us will have multiple opportunities for learning and development throughout their two years in college. 

All applications should be accompanied by a portfolio consisting of as many of the following:
Awards / certificates from relevant science competitions / exhibitions
Achievement and participation / involvement in Science research 
Achievement  and participation in Science Olympiads 

Successful applicants will be considered for Science Research, student exchange and attachment programmes.


1. Download the application form here.
2. Complete the application form.
3. Submit copies of the following documents with the application form:
past 2 years of School Examination results             
Co-Curricular Activities and Award Records 
recommendation letter (if any)
portfolio (if relevant)
Shortlisted applicants will need to bring the original copies of the documents for verification at YIJC during the trials or interviews.
4. Email all application forms to yijc@moe.edu.sg and attention it to our Administrative Executive, Ms Nazurah Fitri.
5. Applicants must submit their applications for Phase I by 1 July 2019 and for Phase II by 5 August 2019. Late applications will not be considered. 

Selection Phase

1. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for a selection trial and/or interview.
2. All selection trial and/or interview will be conducted from 1 July to 15 August 2019.
3. Applicants will know of the outcome of their DSA application via phonecall or text by end of each offer phase.
4. Successful applicants must accept the DSA offer within the following period:
Phase I 
Acceptance of offer: 31 July 2019 to 2 Aug 2019
Phase II 
Acceptance of offer: 26 August 2019 to 29 August 2019

Important note

Student who has accepted an offer is guaranteed a place in the school provided he / she meets the eligibility criteria for JC admission based on GCE ‘O’ Level examination results. Please refer to details on the eligibility criteria in MOE website.
Successful DSA-JC students are NOT allowed to participate in the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE). They will NOT be allowed to transfer to another school after the release of the GCE ‘O’ Level examination results. They are expected to honour the commitment to the posted DSA-JC schools.

For details on DSA-JC Exercise, please refer to Ministry of Education websites here.

Should you have any other queries or concerns, please contact our Administrative Executive, Ms Nazurah Fitri at yijc@moe.edu.sg or call the YIJC General Office at 6257 9873.