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Our Crest


The crest is a creative amalgamation of similar and unique elements of the original YJC and IJC crests. These intentional designs serve to honour the heritage of both colleges and chart a shared future.
The prominent wave patterns represent the flame and wave emblems that are key to the identities of both colleges. Embedded within the flame are the letters “Y” and “I” to represent how two different colleges can form a cohesive and distinctive identity together. The star is a key symbol in the IJC crest and history. The pixelation of the sparks in the “YI” flame to form a star represents the collaboration and commitment of both colleges to pursue a shared vision as one entity. The colours of red and blue are derived from the common college colours of maroon, navy, and sky blue of both JCs but are new shades of the existing college colours to represent a fresh start for both colleges. These two colours are equally represented in the crest to show the unity of both colleges.


The crest represents the values and aspirations that the college upholds. The blazing flame symbolises a bright future that the college wants to create with passion and zeal. The sparks of the flame pixelate to transform into an asymmetrical star which represents our forward-looking aspiration to nurture students who will be able to thrive in the VUCA future. The bold heart of the flame symbolises the commitment of the college to uphold its vision, mission, and core values.